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Not Worth It -
Shine & Glow

2 Short Films:

Not Worth It
Shine & Glow
Length: '45 (each)

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Not Worth It was the beginning of a series of 'Anti-Ads' devised by Norwegian Filmakers Lilja Ingolfsdottir and Sara Eliassen. They became part of a greater project aimed at criticising modern capitalist consumerism and the damage it is having on individuals and the world. The project became a great success in Lilja and Sara's native Norway, where their films and other forms of message were broadcast and distributed nationally attracting cosiderable coverage in the nation's media.

Brief Synopsis

Both Shine and Glow are spoof, cosmetic / beauty product, TV commercial spots. They both play on a particular famous brand's tagline and use the form to convey a strong anti-consumerism message.


Format: 35mm
Directors: Sara Eliassen, Lilja Ingolfsdottir
Sara Eliassen, Lilja Ingolfddottir
Producer: Jeremy Campbell
Director of Photography: Vladimir Trivic

Editor: Jane Hodge
Designer: Tine Jespersen
Sound Designer: Julien Ngo-Trong
Lorne Balfe

Leading Players: Laura G (Shine), Krystyna Moss (Glow)

Country of Origin: UK
Funding Partners: Norsk Filmfond, Film & Kino
Festivals: Grimstad Norway 2006