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Short Film:



Janif, a novelist, awakes to the sound of his phone ringing. It is Freya, the main character from his best selling novel - "This was Nothing". At first he dismisses her as a crank but when she divulges a piece of information from his childhood that only he could possibly know, he finds her hard to resist. This seemingly impossible occurrence starts Janif on a quest of discovery into what is real and what is not and into the legitimacy of his own perceptions about himself. As the temporal world fails to provide him with credible answers, he quickly starts to look elsewhere for the truth.

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Genre: Drama
Format: S16mm
Director: Witek Wilczynski
Producer: Magdelena Wachowska & Jeremy Campbell
Director of Photography: Kasia Sobocinska

Editor: Agnieszka Liggett
Designer: Juan leon
Sound: Micheal Caruso
Stills: Sawa Makacewicz
Lead Cast: Noel Le Bon (Janif), Katia Winter (Freya),
                James Macartney
(the Dealer), Bill Fellows
                (Policeman), Nadia Cameron-Blakey

Country of Origin: UK
Production Companies: Slim Jim Films in association with                                               The University of Westminster