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Exit The Situation

Short Film:

Exit The Situation

Length: 8'10

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The story of a woman who goes to a job interview having lied on her CV. As the interview unfolds she falls deeper into the grave she has dug for herself.

Brief Synopsis

Myra prepares for and enters into an interview for a teaching post for a 'Creative Writing' course. As the interview progresses the panel discover that she has lied about her education on her resume. As Myra starts to dig a grave for herself, two of the panel quickly lose interest in the apparent chancer and bicker between themselves about literary theory. The third, however, pays particular attention to the text that Myra has written, as part of her application, and recognises some genuine talent. He quizzes her about the text and her response partly answers the reason why she lied.


Format: 16mm B&W
Director / Writer: Lilja Ingolfddottir
Producer: Jeremy Campbell
Director of Photography: Calle B
Editor: Jon Endre M°rk
Designer: Camilla Cahill
Sound: Julien Ngo-Trong
 Njaal Lie

Leading Players: Valborg Fr°ysnes, Roger Hillern, Christian Greger, Tata Real

Country of Origin: UK, Norway (shot on location in Oslo)
Funding Partners: UK Film Council Completion Fund, Norsk Filmfond
Festivals: Edinburgh Film Festival 2006, Grimstad Norway 2006,
               5th London Short Film Festival 2008